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Roscommon International Fibre Art Festival 2018

Roscommon International Fibre Art Festival 2018


This exhibition of woven tapestries is a collaboration between Irish and Scottish artists.  The exhibition will run as a biennial event with invited artists.
Irish Artists:  Frances Crowe/ Roscommon Curator. Terry Dunne / Wexford. Angela Forte/Dublin. Mary Cuthbert/ Dublin.
Scottish Artists: Joan Baxter Curator, John Brennan, Elizabeth Radcliffe, Amanda Gizzi.
Venue: The Long hall, King House, Boyle, County Roscommon.
Opening times: The exhibition will be open to the public from the 4th -24th May during normal King House opening hours.
Reception: Thursday May 3rd. at 7pm.
Guest speaker: Mary Grehan, Author and Arts in Health Curator, Children’s Hospital Group Dublin.

An international collaborative tapestry installation, conceived and curated by Canadian artist Line Dufour.
Timelines: An Irish collaborative tapestry project.
Venue: Roscommon County Council, Aras on Chontae, Ardnanagh, Roscommon.
Opening times:  8th – 25th May, Monday – Friday during office hours
Opening Reception: Friday 4th May at 7 pm with speakers and invited guests.


Saturday May 5

VENUE: Roscommon County Council, Aras on Chontae,
                Ardnanagh,  Roscommon.

10am:    Exhibition tour and talk with Canadian artist and collaborator                                Line Dufour.
11am:    Tea/coffee
11.30:    Power point presentations and symposium with Joan Baxter, Internationally renowned Scottish artist. Anet Brusgaard, Director of the European Tapestry Forum, Denmark. Pascal de Connick, owner of Dancing Threads studio Cork, and curator of the Timeline project. Line Dufour, founder and manager of FDSD. Other names to be confirmed. Q and A session.
1-2         light lunch of soup and sandwiches.
2-5        WORKSHOP – WEAVING GREEN part 1 (part 2 on Sunday afternoon)
A workshop for people with some experience of tapestry, presented by Scottish artist-weavers Joan Baxter and John Brennan. This 7 hour practical workshop, over two afternoons, explores the colour Green in weave, drawing inspiration from nature and historic tapestries.
Cost: €120.00 Materials and equipment provided on loan, to purchase or please bring your own.

Sunday May 6
10am        Meet at the County council building. Bus to King House Boyle, County Roscommon to view the tapestry exhibition INTERCONNECTIONS 2.
11am        Exhibition tour with the artists leading discussion about the pieces in the exhibition and their varied approaches to their work..
12 noon    Tea/coffee/snacks.

1pm-5pm  WORKSHOP – WEAVING GREEN continues.

Roscommon International Fibre Art Festival 2018

Tapestry Symposium

with Joan Baxter and John Brennan

Dates and Venues:
Saturday 5th May 2 – 5 pm at Roscommon County Council, Aras on Chontae, Ardnanagh, Roscommon.
Sunday 6th May   1 – 5 pm upstairs room at King House, Boyle, Co Roscommon.
This 7 hour practical workshop, over two afternoons, is aimed at those with some experience of tapestry. In it we intend to explore the colour green first of all through approaches to mixing colour and then looking at ways we can apply these colours to interpreting foliage forms into tapestry.  We will draw our inspiration from nature and historic tapestries. Every plant has a pattern… its branches break from the stem, the shapes of leaves and patterns of bark. Understanding the pattern is a good way to simplify the form for tapestry. We will look at the sometimes quite abstract solutions used to interpret foliage by the weavers of historic tapestries.
Maximum number of participants: 20
What to bring:
If possible students should bring their own frames, ready warped at 3, 3.5 or 4 warps to the cm. (Nos.12/12 or 12/9 warp) and 14 – 20 cms wide. We can lend frames and provide warp if required.
We will be providing some weft yarns for use in the workshop, but please bring a green stash of your own too.

Cost: €120.00 Materials and equipment provided on loan, to purchase or please bring your own.


Monday, January 8, 2018

Exhibition in Roscommon Ireland 2018

Fate, Destiny and Self Determination will have its first European launch and exhibition in Roscommon Ireland in conjunction with another tapestry event, Interconnections II.

May 4 Friday 2018 6pm to 8.30pm Opening Reception 
Fate, Destiny and Self Determination
Food and wine reception with Anet Brusgaard, director of the European Tapestry Association as guest speaker.
Exhibition is on from May 4 to the end of May
Co Co building Áras an Chontae
County Roscommon 
F42 VR98
Tel: 090 6637100

Thursday May 3 2018 Opening Reception
Interconnections 2,  King House in Boyle County Roscommon
Tapestry artists featured, many of whom will be present:  Irish weavers are Frances Crowe, Mary Cuthbert. Terry Dunne. Angela Forte.  Scottish weavers are Joan Baxter. Elizabeth Radcliffe, John Brennan and Amanda Gizzi.

Thanks to Frances Crowe who did much of the organizing and arranging of funds to both bring the installation and myself to Ireland. I hope you will join me there as it promises to hold many other textile and non-textile adventures. More information will be available in the coming months.

World Textile Art VII Fundación Pablo Atchugarry Uruguay 2017

Setting up the installation 
see YouTube video

From left to right: Gabriela Nirino, Maria Teresa Pagola, Line Dufour, Graciela Miller, Daniela de Braza, and Claudia Pagola. Behind....don't know her name. If someone out there knows, please let me know. 

Not only was it a privilege to attend the World Textile Art VII 2017 in Uruguay, but it was an honour to have Fate, Destiny and Self Determination Suerte, Destino y Auto-determinación installation invited for exhibition at the beautiful location of Punta del Este, and the inspiring gallery and site, the Fundación Pablo Achtugarry. All this was made possible by Pilar Tobon, President of the WTA, and the diligence of Silvia Piza Tandlich from Costa Rica.  Gabriela Nirino joined me at Punta del Este from Buenos Aires Brazil, to assist with the mounting of the installation. I am grateful she was there as she is Spanish speaking and the other four ladies who showed up, all residents of Punta del Este, spoke only Spanish , so Gabriela aided communication. Below you will meet some of the people who played such an important role in the project.

Video of the installation

Opening reception for the installation

 left, Pilar Toban, and Line Dufour
Yosi Taller de Vientos - Mexico
centre, Tina Struthers and right, Maria Ortega.
Alvaro Diego Gomez Campuzano from Columbia with his submission that he gave me while in Montevideo Uruguay. A better photo of it below.

I looked at looked at this fellow who was attending the WTA events and thought, he really looks like Maximo Laura and could almost pass for his twin. As it turns out, it was Constantino Laura, Maximo's brother, whose tapestry was featured in the WTA exhibitions. Maximo  made a submission to the installation.

One of the buildings on site, a gallery featuring the sculptures of Pablo Atchugarry. 

left to right: Silvia Piza Tandlich (Costa Rica), Line Dufour, Gabriela Nirino (Argentina), and Georgina Toussaint (Mexico). Silvia, Pilar and Gabriela helped bring FD&SD to the World Textile Art event in Uruguay. 

left: Silva Piza Tandlich and Gabriela Nirino on right.

On right, Sandra Cartaxo

After a very busy week I hung around with these four women for a couple of days. What a dynamic and interesting bunch they were. We had a relaxing day visiting Colonia del Sacramento with from left, Beatrijs Sterk, Dorothea Van der Winkel, Jeannine de Reymaker, and Pennina Barnett seated at the bottom. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

upcoming and current exhibitions

First, a few pictures to enjoy from the last exhibition of Fate, Destiny and Self Determination at the Centre D'Action Culturelle de la MRC Papineau that took place in Saint Andre Avelin in Quebec. Thanks to Émilie Laverdière and Catherine Lacroix for all they did to make this exhibition so wonderful, for making me feel welcome, and for their appreciation of the submissions created by all of you. A workshop was also organized and about 15 people were in attendance. 
The team who are helping to set up the exhibition.
In the foreground, Catherine Lacroix, assistant to the director of the gallery, also taking the shape workshop I was leading.

In the foreground on left, Émilie Laverdière, director of the Centre D Action Culturelle de Papineau de la MRC. You can like their Facebook page Centre d'action culturelle de la MRC Papineau

Sarah Belanger, left, and right, Katia Gagnon.

The workshop group.

Mireil Fleurant admiring the installation at the Centre D'Action Culturelle

More views of the installation

Left, Line Dufour, on the right, Krystyna Sadej , who has encouraged many Polish artists to participate in the project. 

Line at Radio Canada, a French language radio . Jhade Montpetit on the right, interviewed me about the project.
For the first few weeks of September, I had visitors. One of them was Kelly Liang, a PhD student researching and writing a book on Fiber Artists, who stayed with me a few days along with her husband. I also drove over one thousand kilometers to help them visit other fiber artist studios in the Toronto area - artists who fit her criteria for research, as well as , of course , a visit Niagara Falls...the largest Falls in the world, they say. Kelly and Monique Lehman were instrumental in bringing the Fate, Destiny and Self Determination project to Shenzhen China for the From Lausanne to Beijing Biennial last September 2016.

Kelly Liang with Line in her studio. 

Right - Frances Crowe, left, Line Dufour
Frances Crowe from Ireland also visited with me for a few days and we discussed plans for the upcoming exhibition of Fate, Destiny and Self Determination in Ireland which will be between April 24 and May 8 2018. Workshops are planned and it will be held with their biannual tapestry exhibition, Interconnections. More to come on that in the next newsletter so that you can plan your visit to Ireland and sign up for some workshops. Thanks to Frances for organizing all these events, and I am thankful that she wants the Fate project to be a part of it. 

To date, we now have 616 submissions, from 371 people from 34 countries.  Each exhibition generates more momentum for the project, like a tornado gathering up objects in its path. It's been a very exciting and rewarding experience for all of us. 
Look out for the next ArTapestry exhibiton and their next catalogue .... V. Not only will you be delighted by all the inspiring work and artists featured, hopefully, you will have the privilege of seeing the exhibitions in person. The organizers asked me to write an article about the Fate, Destiny and Self Determination installation. Hope you have a chance to read it. The first exhibition will be opening in Denmark 2018. For more details go
Which brings us to the events of the next 12 months. September 30 2017 I, and group from Uruguay and some from Chile, will be helping me to set up the installation in Punta del Este as part of the events of the World Textile Art events. The opening for this exhibition will be October 8, 2018. A bus will be taking attendees to the site. Please let me know if you plan on attending the World Textile Art event as I'd love to meet up with you! Message me on Facebook or email me at  Below is a schedule of the exhibitions and their locations. If its easier , go to their website Many thanks to Pilar Toban and Silvia Piza Tandleich for the help and encouragement to bring the installation to Uruguay. If you can make a donation to contribute to the expenses of exhibiting the installation in Uruguay, it would be greatly appreciated. I still have not reached my goal, and so far all expenses will not be covered. Please go to this link:

More details about the exhibitions in Germany have been worked out. 

Tuchmacher Museum Bramsche Mühlenort 6, 49565 Bramsche, Germany - September 2018I don't have more details than this. 

Tuch + Technik Textilmuseum,  Neumünster, Kleinflecken 1
 24534 Neumünster  
Opening Thursday 25, 2018 7 pm to 9 pm. Exhibition will run until the sometime in January 2019. End date not determined.  
 Setting up FD&SD will take place on Tuesday  October 23, Wednesday October 24 and Thursday October 25 until 4 pm. if you would like to help out. 
The weekend preceeding the launch of the exhibiton is a craft event you might want to attend: Webermarkt: Saturday and Sunday, October 20 and 21 2018

Lastly, discussions are underway for an exhibition in Brasilia, Brasil, thanks to Sandra Cartaxo who urged Luciana de Maya to act on the installation's behalf. Thank you to you both. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2017 and 2018 exhibitions

Centre D'Action Culturelles de la MRC de Papineau
Fate, Destiny & Self Determination/le sort, le destin et l'auto-determination
July 8 - August 26 2017
Opening reception: July 8  2pm-5pm
3, rue Principale, Saint-Andre-Avelin, Quebec, QC

World Textile Art Biennial 2017
Fate, Destiny & Self Determination/le sort, le destin et l'auto-determination
Opening reception: October 8 2017
Fundacion Pablo Atchugarry
Punta del Este, Uruguay
Ruta 104 - Km. 4/5
El Chorro, Maldonado, Uruguay
Other event details:

To help pay the expenses of exhibiting in Uruguay donate here:

Art Gallery of Burlington
Hanging by a Thread
Line Dufour, Lorraine Roy, Kelly Jane Bruton, Carole Baillargeon
November 16 2017-January 14 2018
Opening reception: Novemeber 16 2017
1333 Lakeshore Blvd, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

King House, Boyle County, Roscommon, Ireland
Curatoed by Frances Crowe, April - May 2018

Tuchmacher Museum Bramsche Mühlenort 6, 49565 Bramsche, Germany 
Fate, Destiny & Self Determination/Schicksal, Vorsehung und Selbstbestimmung/
June - September 2018

Tuch + Technik Textilmuseum  Kleinflecken 1, 24534 Neumünster, Germany
Fate, Destiny & Self Determination/Schicksal, Vorsehung und Selbstbestimmung/
October 2018

To donate to upcoming exhibitions go to the GoFundMe link

Monday, April 24, 2017


Judges of the From Lausanne to Beijing Biennial 2016 in front of the installation in Shenzhen China. 

Fate, Destiny and Self Determination is an artist driven initiative, which is the force behind its international success.  Since 2016 it has had 6 exhibition, and more are booked for 2017 and 2018. In 2017 there are 2 exhibitions in Ontario, and one in Montevideo Uruguay. The installation has been invited to be part of the events of the World Textile Art biennial. In 2018 there are two exhibits in Germany and one in Ireland (and perhaps others in the UK as yet unconfirmed). As the installation embarks on the next leg of its journey, I want to take time to thank all of you who have enabled and assisted in making it possible to participate in these past exhibitions of the installation, in one way or another. 


Life has been such a whirlwind that I haven't had time to thank the many people who have contributed to the project. Most importantly,  the co-creators to date are what makes this project the dynamic and exciting project it is. An up-to-date list of participants are always on my website , which are also the names that appear in each exhibition of the installation.

Craft Ontario, Toronto 2015


The next group of people we need to thank are those that have donated money towards defraying the expenses of exhibiting the installation internationally to date. About 50% of donation money came from artists  in the project, and the remainder from non-participants who chose to support this initiative because they thought the project meritorious.

Co-creator Donors                              
Alex Friedman [] Aliona Carpov  [] Ania Gilmore   [] Anna Chandler  [] Anne Miller []Antje Goldflam  [] Barb Aikman  [] Barbara Heller [] Bernard Ossant  [] Beverly Weaver [] Christine Pradel-Lien  [] Chung Ja Jackson [] Clare Coyle [] Cynthia Miller [] Darlene Haywood Dorothy Clews [] Elaine Duncan [] Elke Otte Hulse [] Emma Jo Webster [] Francois Seguin [] Gabriela Nirino [] Gert Rogers [] Isabelle Magin  [] Janet Austin [] Janet Quilty [] Janette Gross [] Janette Meetze [] Janis Zindel [] Jeanne Llewellyn [] Jennifer Bennet [] Jennifer Stevens [] Juana Sleizer [] Judite Vagners [] Judy Dominic [] Jutta Polomski [] Karen Miller [] Katia Wittock [] Krista Pain [] Krystyna Sadej [] Leisa Rich [] Leonore Johnston [] Letitia Roller [] Liv Pederson [] Lis Baston [] Liz Pulos [] Lori LaBerge [] Maite Tanguy [] Margaret Jones [] Marie-Thumette Brichard [] Merna Strauch [] Micheal Rohde [] Michele Dixon [] Michele Lasker [] Mimma Draga [] Nancy Kramer [] Noella Kyser [] Pat Dozier [] Patricia Jordan [] Patti Wibe [] Pia Skaarer-Nieslon Pilar Tobon [] Rebecca Mezoff [] Rosaleen Rutledge [] Rosemary Horton Anzicek [] Sandra Cartaxo [] Sayward Johnson [] Silvia Piza [] Sofia Verna [] Stephnie Cantoni [] Sue Schwarz [] Sue Weir [] Summer Larson [] Taeyoun Kim [] Tea Okropiridze [] Tiziana Tateo [] Tommye Scanlin [] Tricia Goldberg [] Victoria Stone

Non participant Donors
Anne Vagi [] Beatrice Thorne [] Caroline Castilloux [] Fran Solar [] Cheryl Sheridan [] Elaine Clarfield Gitalis [] Francois Brassard [] Helene Rochette [] Ingrid Fish [] Jane Alderdice [] Jeremy McCormick [] Judith Fielder [] Julia Lee [] Kathleen Morris [] Kathy Lakatos [] Linda Needles [] Linda Wallace [] Lorraine Roy [] Marie Christine Boivin [] Mary Pietropaolo [] Mike Taylor [] Mississauga Guild of Weavers and Spinners [] Momo Murmurs [] Pascal Muzard [] Pat Burns Wendland [] Phyllis Fitzsimmons [] Rejean Arsenault [] Ro Omrow [] Robert O'Brien [] Sandra Nemenyi [] Sasha McInnes [] Suzanne Paquette [] Toronto Guild of Weavers and Spinners [] Wendy Hayden [] Yves  Cote

If you would like to make a donation go to the Go Fund Me Link here: 10% is retained by the GoFundMe site. You can also write a check/cheque. Email me if you would prefer this option.
Catalogue with names of participants at the From Lausanne to Beijing Biennial 2016 held in Shenzhen, China. 

Initial Support to realizing the project

Ontario Arts Council Conseil des Arts de L'Ontario -  for giving me a grant in 2013 to launch the project.
Susan E. Middleton for assisting me in preparing the warp for the 'public' woven tapestry, and                       Agota Dolinay for assiting with the finishing of two tapestry panels.
Janna Hiemstra, the curator of Craft Ontario in Toronto, Ontario , Canada, who launched the first exhibition of the installation, without which none of the other exhibitions would have happened. Having an exhibition here enabled me to photograph it and circulate the images on the internet and on social media. 

Participating artists who have facilitated, co-curated and /or administered exhibitions of FD&SD in various venues: 

  • Lousie Lemieux Berube organized and arranged for the installation to be exhibited at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles at Galerie Trames. 
  • Aneesha Parrone who arranged, organized and co-curated the installation to be exhibited at Regis University
  • Barbara Heller approached and facilitated the exhibition of the installation at the Craft Council of BC
  • Patricia Jordan and Deborah Corsini and ATA representatives who lobbied on behalf of the installation to be exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles as part of the events of the ATA Biennial 11. 
  • Monique Lehman's efforts and constant encouragement brought FD&SD to Shenzhen China for the From Lausanne to Beijing Biennial 2016, with thanks also to Kelly Liang and Prof. Lin. 
  • Christa Weitbrecht for approaching Tuch + Technik Textilmuseum Neumünster
     which ended up creating a second exhibition in Germany, as yet unidentified. 
  • Siliva Piza Tandlich,  Pilar Tobon, Maria Ortega for their invitation and efforts to have FD&SD exhibited in Uruguay 2017 in conjunction with the World Textile Art 2017 events. 
  • Frances Crowe for her efforts to have FD&SD go to Ireland and the UK
  • Tommye Scanlin for advising to approach a gallery in Georgia and connecting me to the curator.

Co-creators who have written articles, translated articles for publications or have encouraged more participation in the project: 

  • Aruna Reddy and Emma Jo Webster for BTG magazine. 
  • Ullrikka Mokdad for her translation into Dannish of an article I wrote about the installation, for a Danish textile magazine, Rapporter
  • Krystyna Sadej for encouraging so many Polish artists to submit work to the installation.
  • Rebecca Mezoff and Tommye Scanlin for encouraging their respective students to particiapte in the project. 
  • Joe Lewis for his article in ArTapestry 4. 

All of these people collectively have made the peregrinations of the Fate, Destiny and Self Determination installation possible. Let's give them a big round of applause! 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles ATB11

Le Sort, Destin, et l’auto-determination
Fate, Destiny and Self Determination
Suerte, Destino y Auto-determinación 

at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, California January 20 - April 15 2017
As part of the events of the American Tapestry Alliance Bienniale 11

It was a privilege to meet so many of the tapestry weavers I have only hear about and whose work I had never seen in person. Its unfortunate that not all are documented here. From left to right, Suzanne Paquette, Line Dufour, Linda Wallace, and Barbara Heller. 

Left to right, Anet Brugaard, Marie-Thumette Brichard, and far right, Birgitta Hallberg. Anet Brusgaard also gave me a copy of ArTapestry 4, in which Joe Lewis mentioned the project. 

On the left, Ellen Wood Ramsey and right, Rebecca Mezoff. 

On right, Janette Gross. 

On right, Marie Bergstadt who did the eye shape above my head.

On right, Leslie Munro and left, Tricia Goldberg

On right, Mary Lane, Executive Director of the American Tapestry Alliance.

Roscommon International Fibre Art Festival 2018

Roscommon International Fibre Art Festival 2018 TAPESTRY EXHIBITIONS INTERCONNECTIONS Thursday May 3 This exhibition of woven ta...